LiBARate yourself.

Big goals need big courage. Real courage, sourced from pure, natural and organic ingredients and no sugar added, that makes you go the extra mile. Packed with micro-nutrients and antioxidants, all ZAZ products deliver an extra boost of willpower. To help you step outside your comfort zone.

What's your goal?

Achieve something great

  • Date my future partner
  • Become an artist
  • Run a marathon
  • Discover something new
  • Start a company

Date my future partner

Finding the love of your life is one of life's most important goals and shouldn't be left to chance. Here are some ZAZ tips to help everything go smoothly.

  1. Relax, be yourself and make the first move.
  2. Double check you're looking your best.
  3. Go somewhere quiet enough to talk but lively enough to be fun.
  4. Remember, your date is just as nervous as you.
  5. Have a ZAZ bar and feel great!


The Bigger Me

Become an artist

You're different. You're exceptional. You move people with what you do. Your future's bright - and it could be even brighter by taking these ideas on board.

  1. Do what you love.
  2. Forget the critics and follow your heart.
  3. Share your ideas and learn from others.
  4. Never give up.
  5. Keep creating with a ZAZ bar!

Follow Your Passion

Run a marathon

Going not only the extra mile but 26.219 miles to be exact is more than a walk in the park. It demands exceptional effort - both mental and physical. Let ZAZ be your coach and get in shape with these five steps.

  1. Get the right gear or 26 miles will feel like 126.
  2. Don't over-do things. Build up to the full distance slowly.
  3. Go for a weekly long run at an easy pace.
  4. Have a high-carb, low-fiber meal three hours before any run.
  5. Get a boost with a ZAZ bar!

Flex Your Skills

Discover something new

The world's an amazing place yet there's so much more for us to discover. And you're the one to do it. Here's some tips on finding what you're looking for.

  1. Keep travelling - it's the best education you can get.
  2. You'll see more and feel more if you walk.
  3. Take a notebook everywhere so you never miss a thing.
  4. Research. Research. Research.
  5. Keep up your energy with a ZAZ bar!

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Start a company

Turning your big idea into a big corporation needs more than just a flawless business plan. Learn from the best, do your best and never slow down. And take these tips from us.

  1. Everything starts with a great idea that solves a problem in our world.
  2. Have a plan - and communicate it to the people around.
  3. Stay focused and don't over-complicate things.
  4. Work. Implement. Enjoy the process.
  5. Keep going with a ZAZ bar!

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