Why ZAZ?

Our attention to detail is second to none. We do everything to make sure each and every ZAZ product gives a positive experience - from its design to the product itself to the way we do business. This is what our name stands for. It's what we are passionate about. And it's proven by our combined family heritage of over 100 years in the food, sustainability and print sectors and the success of our products.


Hi. We’re Fonda, Julia and Abouzar. Involved in our family businesses, that were mostly resistant to change and new ideas, we felt stuck and hopeless multiple years ago. In everyday life, rarely anything gave us real energy. We were frustrated with the bad snacking choices available in the market, and we had nothing to power through the day. 

Over time, all of us realised that we could make the most out of our lives by taking our experiences and passions and applying them on our own ideas, and in the area where we saw a large gap - truly healthy snacking. Born in 2015 was ZAZ, the healthy bar project, with the goal to create a bar of superior taste, natural and Superfood ingredients as well as simple yet strong branding. 

Today, our mission with ZAZ is to encourage all of you to find the best version of yourselves and to stretch beyond your comfort zones.

Our Brand Values

Pure & natural

We source the purest natural ingredients and wrap them up into one good looking, convenient bar.

Joyful & feel-good

We create every ZAZ bar to be a joyful and feel-good experience – from the first tasty bite to the boost of energy it delivers.

Honest & harmless

We believe that people deserve an honest snack they can enjoy guilt-free without harming either their health or our planet.

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